Steve Meretzky

"Meretzky's resume reads like the contents of a 'Best Of' compilation."
-- PC Gamer

"The funniest man in the business."
-- Zero

"Seeing the words 'Steve Meretzky' on a game box is akin to seeing the words 'The Beatles' on an album."
-- Compuserve Online Reviews

"The Steven Spielberg of adventure games."
-- Compute's PC & PCjr

Sean and Steve demonstrate that, while you can't pick your relatives, you can pick your BAFTA.Recent Highlights
     -- Steve's game Catch 21 is now a TV game show
     -- Winning the 2008 Game Design Challenge at the GDC
     -- 20-Slides/20-Seconds talk at Post Mortem
     -- Steve in the rap video "It is Pitch Dark"
     -- Steve's 6-Word story appears in Wired magazine
     -- Steve and Bob Bates present a special award
     -- A BAFTA for Hitchhiker's Guide

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