Frequently Asked Questions

about Steve’s Job Status








Q:  Where are you working and when did you start?

I’m working at Blue Fang, creators of the well-loved and super-selling Zoo Tycoon series. I started on 12/18/06. My contact info there:

Blue Fang Games

1601 Trapelo Road, Suite 105

Waltham, MA 02451

781-547-5475 x242


Q: What will you be working on at Blue Fang?

A: The company is branching out in several exciting new directions (all within the scope of the company’s mission statement, of course). Unfortunately, I can’t talk about any of them yet, so I really just mention them to get you to seethe with curiosity.


Q: Weren’t you trying to start a new company?

A: Yes, provisionally named Muddy C, a new casual gaming destination on the Web, with an emphasis on multiplayer and community, and higher production values than are typically seen in casual games. There were 4 others involved in the start-up, and we spent several months trying to raise money from VCs. We received a high level of interest from many of the firms we pitched to, but never quite to the point of actual funding.


Q: What the hell kind of a name is Muddy C?

A: It’s named after the Muddy Charles Pub at MIT, where we had many of the initial meetings.


Q: So, is Muddy C dead?

A: No. The premise is still very interesting and potentially very lucrative, and there’s a chance it still might happen with the involvement of Blue Fang.


Q: Are you still serving as “Games Advisor” to WorldWinner, where you worked from 2000 through 2005, and which is the leading provider of cash tournament games on the Internet, and which is now owned by Fun Technologies, and which recently launched the incredibly popular game “Scrabble Cubes”?

A: Yes.


Q: Weren’t you working on mobile games after you left WorldWinner?

A: Yes, for Floodgate Entertainment. I worked on several games during my year-plus there, but mostly on “Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer”, published by Disney.  It’s a real-time game for up to 16 simultaneous players, and is perhaps the most ambitious mobile phone game created to date. Although I think that mobile gaming holds a lot of promise, I found that between the current technical constraints of the platform and the publisher/carrier-related constraints of the market, there wasn’t a lot of room for creative growth. However, Floodgate and I parted on good terms and I wish them the best.


Q: Are you still collaborating on some writing projects with Bob Bates, who many people consider the second-funniest adventure game designer of all time?

A: Yes, Bob and I work together whenever we have free time, which is approximately never. However, if you put enough monkeys in a room for long enough, some of them will have some free time. Or something like that. So we’ve managed to create one complete screenplay, “Buying Time”, available now to the highest-bidding major motion picture studio! Plus we have several more projects, in various stages of completion, including some text adventure games.


Q: Well, then, who’s the funniest adventure game designer of all time?

A: You’ll have to ask “many people”.


Q: Didn’t your home email address used to be “”, not “”?

A: Yes, we sold the domain to Variety a few months ago. But will be my home email for life. Of course, that’s what I said about But I was lying then. I’m not lying now.


Q: Can I see some photos of your just-completed kitchen renovation?

A: Nope, sorry, Betty says that photos don’t do it justice and you’ll just have to come see it in person. For all you people who don’t live in the area, please email Betty to complain.


Q: Is it true that your son Dan is in his freshman year at RPI and is thinking about a double major including game design studies?

A: No comment.