Glaucus' studio

"Poor Glaucus occasionally needs his memory refreshed as to the contours of the female form."

This is the artist's studio where Harold goes to meet Maude, and he is shocked to find her posing nude for Glaucus.

The only intelligence I had about this location was that it was on the site of the old Southern Pacific rail yard in Bayshore, an area of several hundred acres. However, starting with this image of Harold walking toward the studio, I used Google Street View (which would prove to be invaluable throughout the Project). Based on the electrical towers and the hillscape beyond, I set the location as very close to the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Industrial Way:

The area is privately owned and fenced-off. (I know, I should have scaled the barbed-wire-topped fence. Attribute my failure to old age and lack of athleticism, not to lack of passion.) But we were pretty sure that this is the right building. It's a brick building of about the right scale, and notice the size and distinctive tombtone-shape of the windows. I'm pretty sure that either this building is the one used for Glaucus' studio, or the building that was used no longer exists.

Here's a view of the building in Google Maps. It looks like it's just the partial remnant of a once-spectacular railroad roundhouse:

Fun fact: Cyril Cusack, who plays Glaucus, is the father-in-law of actor Jeremy Irons.

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